Fortnite Duos

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Fortnite tournament is open for registrations for players 13+! Sign up for a chance at the $9,000 prize pool!
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Prize Pool Distribution:
Top 16 places win money at the finals @ INSOMNIA:
1st: $1,000
2nd: $750
3rd: $600
4th: $500
5th: $450
6th: $400
7th: $350
8th: $300
9th: $250
10th: $200
11th: $200
12th: $200
13th: $200
14th: $200
15th: $200
16th: $200
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Is there any tournament for Fornite mobile?
No. At Insomnia Dubai, it is only on Fortnite PC.

Can I play on Console?
This tournament is run on PC. You are allowed to bring your own PS4 or Xbox controller

Is the qualifiers going to be online?
All qualifiers will be offline at Insomnia, however Duos have some practice online qualifiers in the lead up to Insomnia. Duos offline qualifiers will happen Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October, whereas Solos will happen Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th October at Insomnia Dubai Gaming Festival. Join the discord group to stay updated and talk to our admins. 

Is there any qualifiers that are for low leveled players? 
Is this PC or console? If so, can I bring my own controller? What controllers can we bring?
Tournament will be on PC. Yes, you can bring your own controller as long it’s the standard controller. All controllers are subject to inspection on the game day. No scuf controllers or Xbox Elite Controller or Kontrol Freek. No thumb tack or additional accessories. 

What are the rules for Solo and Duo?
Tournament will be based on a points system. Points will be allocated based on Fortnite’s official point system. You will get points based on your game rank and number of kills. 

“I’ve just registered for Fortnite Solos. How does it work? Do I just go there and play or will there be qualifying rounds?”
For Solos, there are no Qualifiers. You just have to come to the main event for which you will have to purchase a ticket.
You can purchase your tickets online from:
Virgin Tickets:

Where is the venue for the qualifiers? 
All qualifiers will be during the main event at Meydan Grandstand

Do we have to qualify for twice to play at the main event?
Players can only play one qualifier. 

Should I buy a ticket to participate?
You will have to buy a weekend ticket for the main event of Insomnia Dubai. Don’t worry, we have discounts for everyone who are playing esports.

For 13 years old below
Players will have to show your Emirates ID for proof of age and parental consent which is available at the stand. Without this, players will not be allowed to play

Rules & Regulations